From Lines to Lenses

Jeju Island, South Korea (circa 2019)

Hello there world!  Welcome to my photography site.

I always wanted to write.  I originally wanted to write a book on my specialized work in architecture but I did not have much material for the book that could be credited to me personally.  Although I already have years of experience in the subject, most of the projects I did were completed under the names of the companies I worked for.  Then I moved to Singapore in 2007 to work as an interior designer.  From then on, busyness caused my writing project to be shelved.

Then came photography in 2012; something I picked up as a cure for tunnel vision.  It didn’t take long for the number of photos I took to pile up and for me to start using photo sharing sites.  These sites are great but one has no control over the changing appearance and content formats of these sites.  I used to collect photos when I was a kid and arranged them neatly in large albums, the way I wanted it.  I remember each photo had a story.  The idea of writing came back to me.  So I thought, why not share my photos and stories in a personal website now that I have material?  So I guess by now, you know the story behind the title of this page (the shift from the lines of architecture to the world through the lens of a camera).  Much of my love for architecture and the city though is still evident in the subject matter of my photographs.

Alongside photography is the joy of traveling; the passion for which was rekindled during a surprise trip to Japan in the autumn of 2013 (a gift from my employer).  I started to travel again after that and I look forward to doing more in days to come.  So I hope to share memories of these travels as well as insights gained in my study of digital photography.  I am already a technical person, so I do not expect to be too technical on this one.  My only desire is to share the joy of continuous learning and the belief that there is nothing quite like the potent combination of a little skill in photography and a bit of traveling.

Join me in this adventure and hopefully, we could inspire one another.


Rogelio G. Arcangel

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